Pre-K Skills & Standards

Taken from New York State Common Core ELA Standards 

  • Key Ideas and Details (reading)
    1. With prompting, ask and answer questions about key details
    2. With prompting, retell familiar stories
    3. With prompting, identify characteristics, setting, major events of a story
  • Craft and Structure (reading)
    1. Exhibit curiosity and interest in learning new words
    2. Interact with a variety of common types of texts
    3. With prompting, can describe the role of an author and illustrator
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas (reading)
    1. With prompting and support, make connections between illustrations, the text and self
    2. With prompting and support, compare and contrast stories about the same topic
  • Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity
    1. Engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding
    2. With prompting and supporting, make text-text, text-self, text-world connections
  • Speaking and Listening
    1. With prompting and support, engage in agreed upon roles includes listening and taking turns