About Us

Surveying her city, she breathes in the wind of inspiration. She closes her eyes and allows the breeze to inflate her soul and swirl through her fingertips. Her eyes open. She feels rather than hears him step behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. He rests his chin at the base of her neck. And the problems they each had and the impossibilities they each imagined became mere mountains in a landscape of possibility. In fact, with the strength of a supporting embrace, they would not only confront existing challenges, but they would strive to reach heights conceived only in dreams.

Dreams Speak

Love motivates

Growth Inspires


Imetadream is a goal-oriented community inspired by the growth and motivation of its members. The story of Ed and I is an example of imperfection, a work in progress designed to showcase our efforts and inevitable failures on our journey to achieving our goals. Our story is not an exemplar of how to achieve success or a tale from the top- in fact, it is a story of progress. The focus at Imetadream is on defining goals, working to achieve them and celebrating the small steps along the way.


While our blog documents our efforts toward achieving some of our major goals, the heart of Imetadream is in the community. Join us by sharing your goals, stories, strategies and challenges with us and with each other. Participate and help us create a community of goal-setters so that we can share our respective goals and learn from each other’s progress. ¬†Join the Imetadream community!