Reading on a Snowy Day

Why isn’t learning fun anymore? Why can’t reading activities be interactive and engaging experiences? They can be!  Perhaps most importantly, why are the associations young learners make now with reading important for their educational futures?

Think about it- do you enjoy participating in boring activities. Absolutely not! And I don’t blame you. Our young learners are no different. I am not a psychologist but I am a high school teacher, and what I observe in the classroom is that when children are having fun and excited about the activity they are more engaged and more open to the learning experience.

When children are young, we have a unique opportunity to cultivate a love of learning and reading by creating opportunities for them to associate fun and excitement with learning and reading.

This was a really fun reading activity. Children are enthusiastic and curious learners. They can become enthralled by the simplest of things. It was great to see that we have the ability to create those exciting moments for them. After reading The Snowy Day, we did several activities that targeted literacy skills and then we created snow angels. The children were so excited about their snow angels as well as their creative additions to the posters.

It is moments like these, whether the kids are 18 or 5, that remind me why I love teaching. But this was even more special for the kids as they were able to interact with their parents as they were learning- a truly refreshing and exciting sight!