Challenge #2 – Working with Letters

Challenge #2 – Working with Letters

Learning Objective: Young Learners will be able to recognize letters and letter sounds.

Skills: Language and Literacy (as defined below)

Common Core Standard Focus:

  • Foundational Skill 2- Phonological Awareness– Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds (phonemes).

Instructions for the Activity:

1) Engage your young learner with a dynamic reading of a book. Encourage your young learner to participate in the reading by asking questions or having him/her point out characters or objects in the illustration.

  • As your young learner points out different parts of the illustration, tell or ask him/her what letter that item begins with. For example, you ask your young learner, “Where is the bean?” He/she points to the bean. Say “B is for bean.”

  • Extension: Instead of telling, ASK your young learner which letter is used to begin spelling the word “bean.”

2) After reading, target the development of phonological awareness by having your young learner spell his/her name. You could have them create an illustration using the letters of his/her name. Make sure he/she says the letters as he/she writes them.

  • If your young learner cannot write the letters on his/her own yet, write the alphabet and have him/her CHOOSE the letters that spell the name. You could then either have him/her cut them out, or trace the letters onto his/her drawing.


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