Challenge #1- Working With Illustrations

Challenge #1- Working With Illustrations

    • Learning Objective: Young learners will be able to recall details from the text and retell the story through the use of illustrations..
    • Skills: fine motor, literacy(as defined below)
    • Common Core Standard Focus:
      • Reading- Key Ideas and Details Standard 2: With prompting and support, identify characters, setting and major events in a story.
      • Reading- Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Standard 7: Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting or events.



Instructions for the Activity

1) Engage your young learner with a dynamic reading of a book. Encourage your young learner to participate in the reading by asking questions or having him/her point out characters or objects in the illustrations.

  • Extension: If your young learner is advanced, after reading a page, ask your child critical thinking questions. Examples follow: 
    • Why did (character’s name) do that? Say that?
    • How do you think (character’s name) feels?
    • What do you think might happen next?

2) After reading, target the literacy skill of describing a character, setting or event of a story by having your young learner “retell” the story through a picture. Develop his/her fine motor skills by have him/her draw and color the characters, setting and events of the story.

3) After your young learner finishes his/her illustration, engage him/her in a discussion about the illustration. This emphasizes Reading Standard 7- the Integration of Knowledge and Ideas. You’re basically asking your young learner to describe his/her picture, but some example questions follow:

  • Can you tell me about your picture?
  • What is happening here? (point at a part of the drawing)
  • Who is this (point at a character)?
  • Why did you draw him/her/it like that?




*What you are looking for here, is your child to be able to support his/her illustrations with details from the text. This activity focuses not only on the reading skill of recall, but also on verbal and language skills.*

Inspire other parents by sending us pictures of you and your child working on this challenge! You can even send us a picture of your young learner’s artwork:)