What do you DREAM for your child?

5 staggering statistics about the importance of parent involvement and childhood literacy

  1. “Where parent involvement is low, the classroom average reading score is 46 points below the national average.” – nea.org (National Education Association)

  2. “Children with poor reading proficiency by the time they enter the fourth grade are the ones at greatest risk to not graduate from high school.” – pbs.org

  3. “A child’s reading level does not catch up to his/her listening level until the eighth grade.” – KQED.org

  4. In books, “the language is more complicated, more sophisticated. A child who hears more sophisticated words has a giant advantage over a child who hasn’t heard those words.” – greatschools.org

  5. “Research shows that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help a child prepare for reading and learning.” – readaloud.org