“All of me loves all of you” -John Legend : Episode 2

How do you know it is love?

Everyone asks the question. What are the signs? I asked myself this same question with Ed and once I asked, I realized that I already knew the answer. I would normally say that this semi-mushy post wouldn’t be my style but truth be told, it is important to reflect on how we feel about our significant other. Also, it is relevant to our story. After all, we moved in together after only a few months and so naturally a curious mind might wonder what feelings precipitated that leap of faith. When you’re in love, this is how you know…

  1. Your coffee tastes better: When you’re in love, your coffee tastes better, the sun shines brighter, the birds sing more sweetly (well they would if I ever saw anything other than pigeons). But really, when you’re in love you are filled with a buoyancy that alters or enhances your perspective on everything around you. Instead of seeing shades of gray, you start to notice the vibrancy and beauty in the little things around you. This positive energy emanating from your love seeps into your soul and comes out of your eyes, coloring your world.
  2. Your future together is more important than his/her past: Every new relationship hates to know about the old ones. When you’re in love, it is hard to know that there was a time before you. It is difficult to trust that your love and feelings for one another are unique and that you really are his/her one just like they are yours. But no matter the inevitable feelings of doubt or jealousy that might nag at your heart strings, the absolute confidence in your future with this person trumps those feelings every time.
  3. You like basketball now: Well maybe it’s not basketball for you and your partner, but you know it is love when you not only try but actually start to enjoy activities that never used to interest you. Now I don’t mean that you change yourself or you sacrifice your interests, but rather that you feel genuine joy from sharing something your partner is passionate about. You are not only willing but excited to learn, experience and try things that are new to you but important to them.
  4. The world stops: You know it is love when every time you see them, the world stops moving. The crowded streets of Midtown become a vacant lot when your eyes lock. And with this shared look comes the confidence in your relationship and in your respective choices to be with that person. You know in every fiber of your being that it is just right. That simple.
  5. You can communicate with each other: This sounds cliche and maybe a bit obvious, but it is one of the surest signs. You can spend hours and hours just talking- about work, about the future, about the past, about how fast lava moves or why Orca Whales are the greatest predators on the planet (besides humans of course). You can lay curled up on the couch with this person and feel like you’ve said everything you have ever had to say and no words have even left your lips.

The bottom line is, everyone’s love is different. But, as the famous Hamilton line wisely states, “love is love is love.” And you will know it.

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10 Comments on ““All of me loves all of you” -John Legend : Episode 2”

  1. I felt exactly the same about the man I now call my husband. I love the way you write! Can’t wait for episode 3!

    1. Thank you! I am new to the blogging world and your feedback gives me encouragement! I’ll check out your blog:)

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