“In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities” – Janos Arnay: Episode 1

The long, winding, ever-unreliable 2 train will bring you to a small space carved out of an apartment building in the Bronx. Our story starts here.

Life in New York is exciting. It is a loud, expensive, dynamic city, huge and full of people with dreams just as big. We are just two of those people. Our story is not all city lights, rooftop glamour and Times Square madness (in fact, it is very rarely that). It’s real. We are a young couple, living in one of the most expensive cities. We work, we dream, we plan. We fell passionately in love. Anyone who knows the city knows that if you live in a different borough, you may as well live in a different country. Solution simple- we moved in together.When do you know that it is right? How soon is too soon? Questions that flood the minds of young (and even not so young) romantics everywhere. Ed and I moved in together after a short and sweet four months. We didn’t really tell anyone-perhaps out of fear of judgment or hearing the inevitable –

“What?! You just met!” from the parents.

Since moving in together, we both came to the sudden,  simultaneous and mind-blowing realization that… We now live together (Ahhhhh!). And when you live together in a NYC studio apartment, you REALLY live together. This is our story, our attempt at always striving to be positive lovers, partners and roommates. As a couple, we have experienced some roommate struggles, some romance challenges and partner difficulties. As residents of New York City, we have definitely experienced some frustration (mostly with MTA). But we also live in one of the most energizing, unique and beautiful cities in the world. We are experiencing the passion, excitement and support that comes from facing unexpected events (and there are many) of life together. And  realizing that one of the greatest things about being in love is that you have someone with whom to dream.

The setting is New York-the city that never sleeps. The time is now. And so it is here that our story unfolds because it is here that imetadream.

The first season of the imetadream blog will document our newly combined lives; the struggles of living in a studio apartment,  the experiences of living with someone, and the progress we are making on achieving our goals. While dealing with the challenges and stress of everyday life in NYC, we are also trying, as a couple, to feed a shared passion of ours, traveling. We have set our sights on Indonesia, a great tropical getaway. However, considering our current financial situation- that could just be a pipe dream.

This season is our attempt at strategizing, financing and planning a backpacking trip to Indonesia while also dealing with the unexpected curve balls life loves to throw. And if we make it, of course we’ll share our adventure!




Caution: Hot Pic!


Caution: Just hot coffee



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6 Comments on ““In dreams and in love, there are no impossibilities” – Janos Arnay: Episode 1”

    1. Thank you Lisa:) That means a lot especially considering this is our first post!

  1. I love your blog! And my husband and I too, know what it’s like to get those looks after being together shortly and moving in. But hey… 6 years in we are still together. I’ll be following! 🙂

    1. Haha! The good thing I suppose is we don’t endure the looks alone. Congratulations on 6 years- that’s inspiring. And thanks:)

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